Editorial: Can white people experience racism?

Plus, some helpful links to educational materials.

Hailee Schievelbein

Hailee Schievelbein

by The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board


Seriously, white people cannot experience racism. Reverse racism doesn’t exist. 

Here are books to further educate yourself about racism in America. Taking action to self-educate is long overdue, and these books are a great place to start. 

Watch films, too. “The Hate U Give,” “Selma,” “Just Mercy” and “Brian Banks” are free to watch on Fandango. Netflix and Hulu put Black television and film collections front and center on their platforms. 

Plus, Spotify offers educational and informative podcasts and playlists centered around Black music.

However, the most important thing we can do right now, and always, is listen to Black voices. There are plenty of anti-racist educational materials available to those willing to seek it out. It’s imperative that we inform ourselves, but also note that nothing can replace actively listening to Black voices — especially those from within our own communities. 

Black voices matter, and it’s about time we start listening.