Party patrol to run Friday night

The party patrol, a late night, overtime corroboration between Minneapolis, University and Hennepin County police, is coming back to campus Friday for the first time this school year. The patrol had been inactive because overtime hours were maxed out during the first week of school due to the Republican National Convention, and because no weekend since was deemed busy enough. Patrols will now go out on weekends through November, University Police Lt. Troy Buhta said. The patrol of approximately 20 officers, run by the Minneapolis Police Department, sends a squad car to check on noisy parties on Friday and Saturday nights, Buhta said. If the police do find a noisy party, or have reason to believe minors are drinking at the party, more officers are called in to calm the crowd, issue citations to minors for underage drinking and âÄúpossibly go afterâÄù whoever bought the alcohol. âÄúA lot of students are taken through a restorative justice program that are caught at these parties,âÄù Buhta said. Purchasers of alcohol may be caught with a smoking gun. Kegs now have tracking numbers on them that allow police to find out who bought the booze by contacting the liquor stores that sold them. The police will continue patrolling weekend parties throughout November. Buhta cited Halloween and other upcoming events as reasons to start up the patrol. The patrols will be all off campus and have traditionally monitored the SE Como and Dinkytown neighborhoods.