Libraries abound on U campus

by Fabiana Torreao

It is hard to decide which library to go to on campus when faced with a list of more than 40 facilities. But most students will only use a few during their tenure at the University.
The University Libraries have five major facilities: Wilson Library, the Bio-Medical Library, the Law Library, Magrath Library and Walter Library, which is currently under renovation.
The largest of them is Wilson Library. Located on the West Bank, it houses humanities and social sciences’ materials. It also houses other libraries, such as the Ames Library of South Asia and the East Asian Library.
The Bio-Medical Library houses all health sciences, such as medicine, dentistry, mortuary science, nursing, pharmacy, psychiatry and public health. It is located in Diehl Hall on the East Bank.
The Law Library houses legal materials, including state and federal statutes, reports, regulations, etc. The library is located on the first floor of the Law Building on the West Bank.
The Magrath Library — or St. Paul Central Library — serves all five colleges of the St. Paul campus. It houses agriculture, biological sciences, human ecology, food science and nutrition and applied statistics and economics, among other subjects.
Science and technology collections are housed in Walter Library, a historic building on Northrop Mall that is currently under renovation.
Walter Library’s collections are temporarily located at the Minnesota Library Access Center in the newest library on campus — Andersen Library.
Andersen Library opened last April. It houses eight University special collections and archival units, as well as the central office of the MINITEX Library Information Network and the Minnesota Library Access Center.
The University Libraries make up the 17th largest research library in North America. The libraries circulate more than 1 million items to students, faculty and staff members annually.
Most libraries open between 7 and 9 a.m. and close between 10 p.m. and midnight
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