On Saturday, the new Science Museum of Minnesota will open its doors for the first time. The new museum, located at 120 W. Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, will be a boon not only for St. Paul, but for the entire Minnesota community.
The updated museum is housed in a grand seven-story building overlooking the Mississippi River. It houses six large galleries in addition to the Omnitheater.
The exhibits have been improved from the old location. With additional space and an updated design, the new location makes it possible to include more detail, and makes navigation throughout the building easier. Included among the six galleries are exhibits devoted to dinosaurs and fossils, the human body and ecology.
Having a world-class science museum provides Minnesotans with a number of opportunities. First and foremost, it allows Minnesotans of all ages the opportunity to visit the museum and engage in scientific learning in a fun and stimulating environment. It also can provide the state with tourism dollars because a quality museum can be a determining factor for travelers deciding on where they will journey. Finally, the museum will likely inspire youngsters to select science-based careers and use their newfound knowledge to help the greater community. The completion of the new museum is cause for celebration.