Fans should respect “The Bank”

Though it may be figuratively appropriate, fair-weather Gopher fans should refrain from making further runs on “The Bank.”

by Noel Nix, Guest columnist

In reference to the local corporation for which the new home of the Golden Gophers Football team is named, fans and commentators alike have taken to calling MinnesotaâÄôs newest stadium âÄúThe BankâÄù. It is perhaps a very apt nickname. Through much of history banks have been institutions people have unequivocally trusted, hence the old saying âÄúyou can take that to the bank.âÄù âÄúThe BankâÄù is where the 118 year legacy of Golden Gopher football is kept to âÄúaccrue interestâÄù with each hard fought win at home. As its guardians, our Golden Gophers fought hard against Cal, the number eight team in the country, as they sought to steamroll us in the new home we had so recently and proudly built. Alas, armed with their gunslinger running back in hunt for the Heisman, our enemies rode into the sunset having won the day. This, many fans may have thought, is what it feels like when âÄúThe BankâÄù gets robbed. However, I was far more pained by a different display in the waning minutes of the game. After Cal increased their lead near the end of the last quarter, Gopher fans rose to their feet and, like panicked investors who had lost faith in the value of their deposits, turned en masse and headed for the doors. I looked in horror and disgust at what will go down in history as the first ever âÄúRun on The Bank.âÄù It is my hope that any Gopher fans with such meager confidence in âÄúThe BankâÄù and the team that defends it tempted to come to the Wisconsin game on Oct. 3 will put their ticket under their mattresses and watch the game from home. Noel Nix is a University graduate student. Please send comments to [email protected].