“Real World” casting call in Minneapolis

by Sally Hedberg


Is your depraved lifestyle missing something like, say, millions of viewers? Do you fantasize about showcasing your histrionic personality, lawless promiscuity and shameless day-drunkenness with the world? Do you feel a strong personal identification with “The Situation?” Well, dear dreamer, your moment has come. MTV’s “The Real World” will be holding a casting call in Minneapolis on March 23. The iconic reality series, kicked off in 1992, is approaching its 26th season and one week from today, Minneapolitans have the rare opportunity to bid for a spot in MTV reality stardom. This time around, the producers claim that they’re looking for people who have faced challenges in everyday life. Hmm, vague much? I mean, don’t we all? They’re talking about things like weight struggles, personal tragedies and the impossibility of finding a job post-graduation but assert that the intensity of one’s overcomings are not a requirement. Meaning, in Minneapolis speak, if you’re a hipster who’s overcome the “challenge” of feeling out of place at Blarney–conversely, if you’re NOT a hipster and have overcome feeling out of place at the Kitty Cat Klub– you could have a legitimate shot, really. Godspeed, aspiring z-list celebrities. Remember: can’t is the cancer of happen. 



What: Open casting call for “The Real World.”

When: Wednesday, March 23, 11:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Where: 508 Bar and Restaurant, 508 1st Avenue N.