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Get out and vote!

It is not your imagination; today’s politicians are frequently disconnected from young voters and spend most of their time representing their older constituents. This might be because people 65 to 74 years old are twice as likely to vote as 18- to 24-year olds. Seventy-two percent of older citizens voted in the 2000 election, compared to only 36 percent of college-age people.

Most voters are older, married, educated and own homes. Clearly, the national political agenda is not just determined by Washington lobbyists; it is also influenced by who votes.

Despite grumblings to the contrary, the 2000 election was positive proof that your vote counts. In the final decision, Bush won the state of Florida by only 537 votes.

This election – more than any other in recent history – gives voters the chance to make a clear statement. Unlike the 2000 elections, we are not voting between two candidates whose presidential potential is unknown. President George W. Bush adopted a clear, though somewhat mysterious, method of leadership. He also took political stances with which most people either strongly agreed or disagreed.

Participation in the caucus is critical for Democrats who want a chance in November. The strength of the Democratic nominee, and the ability of Democrats to get out the vote, will set the campaign’s tone. Bush elegantly demonstrated that presidential elections can change our world: the taxes we pay, the bombs we drop, the right to marry and the right to reproduce. Politics is not just for our parents anymore.

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