Daily Digest London: 24 days remain

by Jeff Hargarten

About 24 days remain before the Olympic Games begin and many foreign students leave London.

Arcadia University and similar programs are set to finish by July 27 and the opening ceremonies. Part of the reason behind this, as explained by program directors, is rising costs, traffic congestion and overcrowding anticipated when spectators and tourists flood into London.

Costs for food, lodging and transportation are expected to spike during the two-week period of the games, leavings less than a month for students to enjoy the city and finish coursework.

Hostels for those looking to stay during the games are charging full price in advance of the games due to housing shortages. Entire lanes of traffic and Tube stations are to shut down starting at month’s end.

In the meantime, there are still many student discounts available for cinema, theater and tour tickets and plenty to see and enjoy in London before the games.