Basketball net robbery ends in suspects’ arrest

by Brian Close

When University Police officer Josh Betts pulled over a car on Oct. 28 the driver told him he had just been robbed — and that one of the two male suspects might have a gun.
After taking a description of the suspects, Betts located them near the corner of Walnut and University avenues. He drew his gun on the two and took them into custody.
The victim and a witness identified the suspects, then informed police that the only item missing from the victim’s backyard where the robbery took place was a basketball net.
After the victim signed a citizen’s arrest for theft, the suspects were released and the net was returned to the victim.
In other police news:
ù A 55-year-old man was given a ticket for lurking with the intent to commit a crime after University Police Officer Erik Swanson noticed his suspicious behavior.
Edgar Coleman, according to Swanson’s report, is a “recidivous panhandler and trespasser” who has been arrested numerous times for both offenses.
On the afternoon of Oct. 29 Swanson watched as Coleman stopped a student near Johnston Hall. The student, after some discussion, went into the building and scanned the area.
“I believe the defendant used this pedestrian to scan the inside of the building for police,” reported Swanson.
The suspect then asked several female pedestrians for money, which they produced from their purses. After some time Swanson approached the suspect and issued him the ticket.

ù Two 18-year-old males were arrested early Sunday for consuming alcohol and for other offenses.
University police officers responded to complaints that the suspects were throwing rocks from the roof or a window of the Radisson Hotel Metrodome.
When officers arrived at the hotel room, they heard an argument inside. After one suspect opened the door, the officers asked him to step into the hallway. He replied that he would not.
The officers asked him several times, at which point they arrested him for minor consumption and obstructing the legal process. The suspect was booked at Hennepin County Jail.
Another suspect was given tickets both for consumption and for drug paraphernalia after a marijuana pipe fell out of his pocket.
ù A 27-year-old man was booked at Hennepin County Jail for fifth-degree domestic assault after an incident with his girlfriend in his Oak Street home.
The victim, 26, said her boyfriend would not let her fall asleep, and began shaking her. When she then slapped him, he punched her head and chest.
When she tried to leave, the suspect attempted to suffocate her with an article of clothing, according to police reports. She escaped and called police, who arrested the suspect.