Trust me: Don’t drink and drive

We all know the reasons not to drink and drive, so why do we still do it?

Everyone has been given a don’t drink and drive lecture, but how many lectures does it take to actually sink in?

Everyone knows drinking and driving is wrong, but how much does it take to persuade a person not to drink and drive even though they know it’s wrong?

It’s a simple concept that is being neglected. There is probably the kindest person out there who has made that mistake. That person knows drinking and driving is bad, but he or she finds some reason to make it seem “all right.”

Here’s my advice for you. Explanations such as, “I need my car tomorrow,” “I don’t want to leave my car in the parking ramp overnight,” “I just want to sleep in my own bed” or “It’s not that far to drive” do not cut it and are just a few of the so-called “valid” reasons many make before drinking and driving.

In reality, it is not that big of a deal to have someone take you to your car in the morning or to spend a few extra dollars on a cab to take you to your car – don’t worry, you and your car will unite eventually. In the long run, which will you remember most, spending an extra $20 on a taxi or a DUI that goes on your permanent record? Also, your bed will be there every other night for you to sleep in; please take a taxi if you really feel the need to sleep in your own bed. And a short distance still can turn fatal while under the influence, so get a sober friend to pick you up or, yet again, take that taxi. Taxi drivers like picking you up; they are getting paid to do it.

Please take that extra minute to think about the excuses that are easy to make. Remember those drinking and driving lectures and use that information to make those smart decisions. Making the right choice might save not only your life and the lives of other drivers, but also the lives of your loved ones. The negative outcomes of drinking and driving can have lasting effects on many people. No one should have to lose someone over a simple mistake. Trust me: Losing someone due to a drunk driver is something that stays with you forever.

Emily Wypyszynski is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected]