City, residents look to clear hydrants and sidewalks of snow

by Ethan Nelson

The Minneapolis Fire Department and Public Works are working to clear the mountains of snow away from the city’s nearly 8,000 fire hydrants. They can’t do it all, however, and are asking residents’ help in shoveling snow away from hydrants and sidewalks.

The Star Tribune reported pedestrians obstructed by a sidewalk full of snow must wait 24 hours before reporting it to the city. After that, the resident who hasn’t cleared the snow has another chance to do so, and inspections of the sidewalk are scheduled. However, according to the city’s website, this process may take 21 days.

This year has seen the city enforce one-side parking through towing (though not always equally) in what has been one of the most brutal winters in several years. Though there’s no snow in the immediate forecast, March can be one of the snowiest months of the year, so it looks like there won’t soon be a reprieve from snowy sidewalks and slippery streets.