For a good time,

It’s 4 p.m., you can either go home and start your homework or go to Sally’s for a drink.
If you’re smart, you’ll go to Sally’s and unwind before going home where you battle to get your roommates to please shut the hell up so you can study.
At 712 Washington Ave. S.E., Sally’s is this year’s Grapevine Award winner for the best happy hour on campus. It’s no wonder, what with all the great specials: $1.99 appetizers, the $3 25-ounce beers, and $2 cocktails Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m.
“We’ve always known we’ve had the best happy hour and now the students have finally confirmed it,” said Tony Patterson, owner of Sally’s.
Damn straight.
So you see, instead of rushing right into homework or whatever it is you do when classes end, you can go and relax, shoot pool, listen to good music and mentally prepare for what lies ahead.
Don’t you think it’s better to give yourself a break than to work, work, work?
Yes, you are a dedicated student. Yes, you are bright, intelligent and committed. And yes, you need a beer.
Just have one. You can just have one, you know. You don’t have to pound them just because they’re cheap.
Bring your classmates, bring your teaching assistant and bring your professor. For the love of God, buy your professor a beer. He works hard all day long to provide you with the most current information in your field, so you can go out into the world, get money and drink all night if you want.
But while you are still in school, save a few bucks and go to Sally’s for great happy hour specials.

— Emily Dalnodar