GAPSA creates grant program, prepares to submit fees request

by Ethan Nelson

As the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly prepares to submit its student services fees request this week, it voted Wednesday to create a $25,000 grant program for activities and events.

The grants would go toward funding GAPSA council activities throughout next school year, the assembly’s president Alfonso Sintjago said. The group is required to disclose any activities or events it plans for the year when it submits its request, so the grant program is intended to allow for activities that are planned after submission. 

At the meeting, some of the assembly’s councils were encouraged to lower their fees requests in an attempt to make them more equitable, Sintjago said.

He said he doesn’t know how much money GAPSA will request, though it will be less than last year’s request of $392,000. The group’s funding was cut by 35 percent last fall due to failing to cooperate with the Student Services Fees Committee.

The fees requests are due to the Student Services Fees Committee by Friday.

While the group makes plans for next year, it’s still lacking its full funds for the current school year, after an investigation into a $93,000 budget discrepancy put the funds on hold. Sintjago said the investigation is complete, and the Office for Student Affairs is currently reviewing the results.