Question leaders

Does anyone think it’s odd that George W. Bush has been pointing out “evil” countries that just so happen to have either a lot of oil or are perfectly placed for a pipeline that would allow quicker retrieval? Or even if you yourself don’t find it odd that an oil baron is so excited to demolish places that would coincidentally further his personal or family business, isn’t it odd that not a single major media outlet has even tried tiptoeing around it, jokingly toss it out, or draw even a single coincidence from this?

In response to “Europe says no, who cares” (Sept. 16) how can anyone think war against Iraq is a good idea if others around the world are saying a flat no? Are we that arrogant? Just maybe there’s something we don’t know. Has anyone asked “who’s prospering from all this?” Not us the peasants, not the peasants in Afghanistan, not the peasants in Iraq. In fact, none of us peasants around the world have anything to gain from this. I surely feel far from safer knowing we’re inflaming already dangerous situations and combining it with a planet that doesn’t agree with us. We may wish to rethink or better educate ourselves on our leaders. A good place to start would be reading alternative media.