Fed grant to fund new bus shelters

Metro Transit will work to decide where to apply the funds.

by Tyler Gieseke

A federal grant will help cover the cost of building new-and-improved bus shelters in areas of poverty throughout the Twin Cities beginning next year.

Metro Transit received a $3.26 million grant late last month from the Federal Transit Administration, and the funds will provide the “areas of racially concentrated poverty” with new, renovated or improved bus shelters, according to a press release.

The construction likely won’t begin until sometime next year, giving officials time to consult with the affected communities and learn where improvements should be made, Metro Transit spokesman Drew Kerr said.

 “We need to go out to the communities and engage them in the conversation,” he said. “After several years of having resources available to maintain, we now get to make some improvements.”

Officials hope to build 150 new shelters, Kerr said, and add improvements like heating, lighting and transit information to 75 existing locations.

Metro Transit hasn’t finalized which spots will face new construction and improvement, but a map showing potential areas for enhancements includes broad swaths of north and central Minneapolis, as well as central St. Paul and suburbs such as Brooklyn Park.