University should adopt new policy for Election Day

by Lisa Zehner

The University of Minnesota Senior Vice President for academic affairs and provost Tom Sullivan sent an e-mail to students urging students to prepare for Election Day, vote, and for faculty to be lenient with students who may be waiting in line to vote.

Mr. Sullivan said, "Students who may have scheduling challenges should make arrangements ahead of time with faculty. But I also urge faculty to be as accommodating as possible with students who may experience longer than anticipated wait times.

Thank you Mr. Sullivan for encouraging students to be engaged citizens, but your call for accomodation from the faculty does not necessarily require them to be gracious to students who might need to skip class to choose their candidate.

We continue to stand firm that the University administration should consider adopting a permanent policy for Election Day that would excuse students from being absent as they engage in a democratic society. The policy would likely encourage even more students to vote who may be worried about a strict professor simply does not dismiss any absences.