Suit Up: Supreme X Brooks Brothers

by Grant Tillery

Suit up, gentlemen.  Seersucker suits are the de rigueur uniform of 2014, thanks to the Supreme X Brooks Brothers collaboration that drops Thursday.  The partnership is surprising, since Brooks Brothers is a bastion of all things preppy, while Supreme is known for their cutting edge street wear.  Yet their seersucker suit is refined, befit for both Southern dandies and troublemaking reprobates. 

Though a traditional fabric associated with baggy suiting, today’s seersucker is an entirely different breed.  It’s lighter and cut slimmer, and now comes in a variety of colors.  The Supreme X Brooks Brothers suit comes with dark gray stripes, a star-spangled lining and 21st century tailoring; the trousers are designed for cuffing and the ensemble is appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.  At $549, it’s an investment that will earn you endless style points this summer.