Obama Celebrations

by Justin Horwath

The celebrations on campus after Obama’s election, as observed by Minnesota Daily columnist Matt Grimley, really do represent a shift in not only the political landscape, but also how the youth view their leaders. Ever since Richard Nixon embarrassed the nation in the Watergate scandal, we haven’t had a president we could take seriously. Obama projects an image of competence, whether because of his eloquent oratory skills or analytical and intelligent reactions to complex issues. That’s significant after eight years of what historians are already labeling one of the most inept presidents in history, who’s hair-pulling inability to speak coherently has been chronicled in humor books. But Obama’s personality isn’t the sole reason for the celebrations. They have to do with the end of an era. For most college students’ lifetimes, the political atmosphere has been remarkably bitter, to the point where we haven’t resolved any of the major arguments dividing the nation. Indeed, when we sing the National Anthem, we do so ironically, perhaps because the Republican Party hijacked the concept of patriotism to drum up support for their policies and unjust wars. Notice in the video: a crowd, obviously consisted of lunatic, un-American Obama supporters, chanting “U.S.A.” From this editorial board member’s observations that night, the chant wasn’t out of spite; it was a validation that we now have a leader who can restore confidence.