Respect reciprocates respect

by Dr. Hassib Amini

Shame on the Daily for publishing Ross Anderson’s desultory and pointless tirade titled “Down with America (the sexist parts).” Anderson accuses Muslims of bigotry, intolerance, and discrimination toward women and non-Muslims all based on his observation of an old East African man who failed to say âÄúthank youâÄù to a barista. If based on a few isolated incidents, Anderson draws manifold conclusions about the entire Muslim culture, I wonder what he would conclude about the entire US armed forces based on the despicable acts of a few US marines who raped and killed a 14-year-old Iraqi girl? Anderson posses neither the intellectual nor the moral authority to pass judgment on the highly sophisticated and varied Muslim culture. Mr. Anderson, I do not know why the old man was bitter toward the barista, and why your friend was denied service at a local Islamic meat market. However, I do know that to foster a more friendly interaction between Americans and Muslims, a first step might be for America to stop bombing one Muslim country after another for cheap oil, and to start respecting Muslim countries and their people. Mr. Anderson, respect reciprocates respect, not your uneducated rambling.