Solidarity in Social Sciences

by Kara Harms

Starting Monday, March 28, groups of students and other community members gathered in front of Coffman Union and marched across the Washington Avenue Bridge to the Social Sciences building. There, they are occupying the building in solidarity with Wisconsinites in their current struggle over collective-bargaining rights and university budget cuts.

More than 50 people attended Monday night, and numbers are hoped to increase throughout the week. When the clock rolled around to 11 p.m. Monday, the building’s closing time, police were called and all but 12 students were asked to leave the building. Those 12 students stayed overnight in the building and into the next morning where the occupation is still currently being held.

To find out more up-to-date information, visit the students’ blog.

Students talk about their views on education and University budgets Monday night in the Social Sciences lounge.