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The Name Game

Everyone else at the good ol’ Daily seems to have a cool name for their respective blogs. Sports has "Upon Further Review," Newsroom has "The Newsstand" (I guess that’s cool?) and what does A&E have? The eloquently titled "A&E Blog."

Bottom line: We need a new name for our blog.

At our last meeting I proposed a handful of absurd titles, which ultimately could not be used because they are really stupid and, frankly, don’t follow the standards of what most would call rational human thought. The Polemic Academic Pandemic Recapitulator, King Midas’ Golden Shower Power Hour (which might have been better suited for our podcast), The Plastic Blue Funknasium Experiment and Uncle Touchy’s Cryptozoological Smorgasbord were but a few of the nonsensical titles that my quill’s ink spilled upon the page. I use a quill apparently.

Ultimately, we were unable to agree upon a name. We felt that none of the aformentioned titles would adequately convey the high octane thrill ride that is our blog. The meeting ended and we went our separate ways with an overwhelming sense of shame hanging above our heads.

If I was you, America, I’d be displeased if I went to a friend’s BBQ to find that he or she didn’t have any meat. I’d be like, to quote Homer Simpson, "Yo! Goober! Where’s the meat?" Likewise, if I went to a blog page with a lame title like "A&E Blog" I would think it was run by a bunch of talentless goobers, which I assure you, Sir or Madam, we are not.

I guess I’m trying to say that we’ll think of a rockin’ name soon. That will hopefully alleviate your feelings about us being goobers and whatnot. Or you, the reader, could comment on this post with a cool name and if yours is picked you’ll win a fun prize. Let’s say… A date with A&E Assistant Editor Jay Boller. Like Paul McCartney, he makes a really ripping lentil soup.

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