Alleged thefts lead to Wisconsin basketball supensions

by Mike Mullen

Two University of Wisconsin basketball players were arrested for burglary and drinking underage last weekend, and have been suspended from the team. Diamond Taylor and Jeremy Glover are both 18, both freshmen, and both 6-foot-3 guards. Wisonsin athletic director Barry Alvarez announced their suspensions on Sunday night, stating that they would be barred from "competition and practice pending the availability of further information relating to their cases." According to Taylor’s father, this is not Diamond’s first arrest.

The players are alleged to have opened unlocked dorm rooms and taken "numerous items, including iPods, a cell phone and over $400 in cash."

These charges recall several recent incidents in major college sports. In November of last year, backup Florida quarterback Cameron Newton was arrested on similar charges. He was suspended from the team, and later transferred.

In the summer of 2005, two University of Connecticut basketball players were arrested for stealing four laptops from other students’ dorm rooms. One player, A.J. Price, was suspended basketball for the following season. Meanwhile, star Marcus Williams’ suspension of 11 games kept him out only during the team’s non-conference schedule. Williams then returned to lead the team to a No. 1 seed and an Elite Eight appearance in the NCAA tournament.