Labor group to investigate Apple supplier working conditions

by Greta Kaul

An independent labor association on Monday began working condition inspections at a Chinese factory where iPads and iPhones are assempled, the Associated Press reports.

The Fair Labor Association, a group of companies and universities, started with the Foxconn City campus in Shenzhen, China. In 2010, a series of suicides at Foxconn plants prompted the installation of nets to prevent workers from jumping from its roofs.

A Jan. 25 New York Times article reported accidents and long hours based on workers' accounts. Foxconn disputed the allegations.

Last month, Apple disclosed a list of suppliers amid criticism of its labor and environmental practices.

Apple has evaluated working conditions at the factories it uses to assemble goods since 2006. Last month, it became the first technology company to join FLA.

Results from the FLA investigation, expected to cover facilities where more than 90 percent of Apple goods are assembled, are expected in early March.