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>i don’t care if this is printed or not. you people just need to know that there are republicans on this campus too and you shouldnt be printing stuff in the Network about “the lights are going out all over hte united states and won’t be back on in our lifetime.” Net: Apparently, as an ignoramus, you are unaware that Network is not a person or persons. who are you to say that? Net: Umm, Network? if you’re gonna print something political then at least give both sides. it’s the damn media that wants the whole world to be democrats and we need to have more of an UNBIASED view on things in the media so people can choose what THEY believe is right, not what people tell them to believe. Net: Like on “The O’Reilly Factor”? Or on Rush Limbaugh? so quit writing your damn columns according to what YOU want it to say, that belongs in the opinions and editorials page. give us the damn facts. Net: You got it: The election was stolen with electronic voting machines and the Bill of Rights has been flushed down an Oval Office toilet.

From ArtLoVingSandalwearer

I simply could not allow those damn republicans to have the final say. So here we go. Yesterday I was seriously considering moving to Canada, but then decided if I didn’t want this country to go to hell in a hand-basket I’d have to stay and work against the grand pooh-bah of idiots and all that is wrong with this country. Net: Hear, hear! It disheartens me that the greater part of America is so duped that they would elect an idiot who can barely string two words together as their president and representative to the world. It also fails me that the regular college student who needs finacial assistance to go to college would elect someone who is trying to get rid of just that. In response to 4more Years comment about Michael Moore, 4more Years should sit down and actually WATCH Farenheit 9/11 it might be an eye opener. The only reason we have civil rights today is BECAUSE of LIBERALS!! People who were willing to stand up for freedom! AND one more thing, if one more person tells me I hate America because I don’t support the grand poo-bah of idiots and all that is wrong with this country, they can kiss my ass, I’m more of an American than any right wing conservative who sits back and lets other people fight the wars they started. So 4more years, maybe you should get out, or go to war, because thats exactly what you voted for. I hope everyone who voted for Bush is put at the top of the draft list, you war mongerers. Net: And that’s the damn truth.

From Rugbyboi

I’d like to address your loyal fans for a moment. I am a student parking attendant at the Huron Boulevard Lots during the wee morning hours. Like most of you who attend the U, I am a poor college student. When someone pulls up to my booth and whips out a $20 to pay for a $3.25 parking spot, it doesn’t NUTTing impress me. I don’t care if you have enough NUTTing money to pay your tab with a $20 bill. In fact, it pisses the NUTT out of my fellow attendants and me. If you park at these daily rate lots on a regular basis (as I know some of you do) please consider the fact that many of us have been working since before you even thought about waking up. So when you hand us a $20 and its half an hour to the end of our shift and we need to break our change fund to make your change, don’t look so disrespected when we ask politely for a smaller bill. For those of you non-regular parkers, it doesn’t hurt to heed this advice. In other news: Network kicks ass, Goldy is the NUTT, CLA and IT both suck, Democrats rock and whiny Republicans can shove it. Net: There you have it folks, the working class has spoken.