Flood updates: River expected to recede

However, a blizzard could affect water levels tonight.

UPDATE 1:20 p.m.- In an effort to build up sandbag inventory, the city of Fargo has resumed a 24-hour call to fill sandbags at the Fargodome. All able bodied volunteers were asked to report to the Fargodome at 8:00 a.m. The Red River is predicted to drop to 40 feet by 7 p.m. , according to the National Weather Service, though a blizzard watch has been issued for much of southern and central North Dakota. The blizzard is expected to arrive tonight and means there is a potential for heavy snow and high winds that could lead to a âÄúwhiteout condition.âÄù The snowfall is not expected to affect the river, but high winds and ice jams could cause the water level to rise again. At approximately 1:30 this morning Oak Grove, a Lutheran high school, flooded from erosion under a flood panel, according to the city of Fargo. City crews and the National Guard responded immediately, but they were unable to contain the leak right away and 12 people were evacuated from the campus. At 7 a.m. the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services reported three homes were affected by the leak and that it could affect as many as 200 houses. The leak has since been contained, according to the city, though it was not reported how many homes have now been affected. The city has not ordered a mandatory evacuation in the area. Also, many highways, including a section of I-29, remain closed because of water on the roadway, according to the NDDES. UPDATE 11:20 a.m.- The Red River was at 40.15 feet at 8:15 this morning, according to the National Weather Service. In the past few hours, the level has shown some fluctuation, but the river is expected to continue to recede in coming days. However, factors such as wind and ice could potentially lead to an increase from half a foot to one foot. UPDATE 3/28 1:20 p.m.- The Red River at Fargo is at a height of 40.69 feet but expected to slowly recede in the next few days, according to the National Weather Service. However, the water level may fluctuate as temperatures increase in the next week. UPDATE 3/28 12:49 p.m.-Two deaths are being attributed to Red River flooding, according to the Associated Press. The North Dakota Department of Health says two cardiac-related deaths were apparently caused by over exertion during flood preparations. There have also been about 50 other flood-related injuries, ranging from wrist and ankle injuries to car accidents on flooded roads, according to the NDDH. UPDATE 3/27 12:14 p.m.- The Red River at Fargo is currently at 40.63 feet, above the maximum observed height in 1997 of 39.57 feet and the 1897 record height of 40.10 feet, according to the National Weather Service. Officials still expect a crest of between 41 and 42 feet on Saturday, but it could reach as high as 43 feet. UPDATE 3/26 5:18 p.m.- The latest release from the National Weather Service projects that the crest could reach as high as 43 feet and could last for up to a week. The river is “showing no signs of slowing at this point,” according to the flood alert. March 26, 1:57 p.m.- The Red River is expected to crest at 41 feet on Saturday in Fargo and stay at that level until Tuesday, according to the latest alert from the National Weather Service. This would be a record crest in the area, exceeding the nearly 40-foot crest in 1997 that caused substantial damage in the region. The city of Fargo reports low volunteer numbers Thursday morning and is asking for more help with sandbagging. Officials have been anticipating the use of nearly 2 million sandbags. Check mndaily.com for more, including coverage of University of Minnesota students who have traveled to the area to help.