Metro Transit bus routes to campus

by Ellie Humphrey

As a student living off campus I am no stranger to the Metro Transit bus system. Each day I would brave the winter winds on my way to the bus stop. There, I would wait a few minutes for the 3 bus, to be whisked away to class on the West Bank. Total elapsed time: 15 minutes. Since then, I have moved out of the Como neighborhood and away from the punctual 3 bus route. Now I live on a new side of campus and must ride the 6 bus to class. On multiple occasions, the 6 bus has been several minutes behind or even failed to come for its scheduled time. It is frustrating to have paid for a semester bus pass when most weekdays I end up walking due to its inconsistency. I would like to see the 6 bus route adapt to the high-volume schedule and punctuality that the 3 route operates under. With the approaching winter season, it would be nice if the 6 bus could get its act together. Walking to class in negative degree weather is often less than pleasant. Ellie Humphrey University undergraduate student