Boynton turns 90

This year, Boynton Health Service is turning 90. Originally occupying a vacant fraternity house, it was called University Health Services before being renamed in honor of Ruth Boynton . Boynton, born in 1896, was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and came to the University of Minnesota in 1918 to attend medical school. She later became the first female president of the state health board in 1945. Here is a look at some notable differences between Boynton then and now: Costs Then: $3 per semester Now: $111.65 per semester (as part of student services fee) Number One Reason for Visiting Then: Spanish Influenza Now: Annual health check-up Physicians Then: One full-time physician Now: 19 full-time physicians Assistant physicians Then: One part-time physician Now: 10 physician assistants Building Then: Unoccupied fraternity house Now: 140,000 sq. ft. building on Washington Avenue plus a St. Paul location Clinics Then: One Clinic Now: 6 Clinics, including eye, mental and dental