U alumna assaulted by aggressive ex

Also, Phi Chi was vandalized and Kolthoff Hall was burglarized.

by Raghav Mehta

Former University of Minnesota student Amanda Ebert reported being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend early Friday morning at the 800 block of Fourth Street Southeast.
The victim said she invited the 24-year-old suspect over to her house and that he âÄúseemed angryâÄù upon arrival. After the suspect refused to explain himself, the victim became upset and asked him to leave multiple times.
After a heated verbal exchange, Ebert asked the suspect to leave one last time before retreating to her room.
âÄúThatâÄôs when he got extremely aggressive towards me and intimidating,âÄù Ebert said. âÄúHe was yelling at me and pointing his finger and was inches away from my face.âÄù
Ebert said she defended herself by pushing the suspect away with her feet into her dresser. In retaliation, the man allegedly lunged at the victim, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her back, forcing her head to hit the wall behind her as he shouted expletives at her.
At that point Ebert called for her roommate who came and told the man he âÄúneeded to leave,âÄù Ebert said.
The suspect has not been charged and has tried to contact Ebert via text message since the incident.
Cinder blocks thrown through Phi Chi house window
Two cinder blocks were thrown through a window at Phi Chi Medical Fraternity at around 2:45 a.m. Saturday, according to a Minneapolis police report.
Jamie Dyer, who  reported the incident, said she was in the house sleeping at the time.
A screen was found torn and the window frame was broken from the force of the bricks.
It appeared the first cinder block caused most of the damage, and the second was âÄútossed through the hole formed from the first,âÄù according to the report.
Laptops stolen from Kolthoff Hall
Multiple items were reported stolen from a University shared chemistry office in Kolthoff Hall on Friday.
The items included six laptops, a scientific calculator and an external hard drive, said second-year chemistry student Jon Dang, who works in the office.
Dang said the office doorâÄôs glass window was discovered shattered by a student who arrived at the office Friday morning.
Twelve people currently work in the office and Dang had no explanation for why it was broken into but said it was âÄúprobably just because there was stuff in there.âÄù