Students lend a hand in New Orleans

by Ali Haupt

It has been nearly 20 months since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, but its devastation is far from over.

New Orleans has been flooded for several weeks after levees separating Lake Pontchartrain were breeched, and the city is still in need of many helping hands. Over spring break, a group of University students lent their own.

From March 9 until the 17th, 27 relatives, friends and members of the Christian Student Fellowship gave up their time and energy to help three homes in the New Orleans area.

The students, most without any prior construction experience, learned how to sheet rock and roof throughout the week and got a taste of Louisianan culture in the French Quarter and on the Bayou.

This trip was the fourth to the Mississippi-Louisiana region for Katrina relief sponsored by the Christian Student Fellowship.