Former Gopher Mens Basketball player settles in lawsuit with Police

by Morgan Wolfe

Former Gopher basketball star Melvin Newbern settled an excessive force lawsuit with the Robbinsdale Police Department Jan. 16, according to news sources.


Newbern was pulled over in February 2013 on suspicion of drunk driving and eventually arrested by a Robbinsdale Police Officer for obstructing the legal process. WCCO reported that Newbern’s lawsuit alleged that the officer used excessive force during the arrest. Newbern sought more than $300,000 in damages.


When Newbern told the officer that he couldn't fit in his squad car, the officer struck him twice behind the knee causing him to fall and hit his head, the Star Tribune reported.



Newbern was diagnosed with a concussion, and was unable to work for a month, Andrew Noel, Newbern's attorney told the Star Tribune 



Newbern received $185,000 in the settlement.



Newbern told WCCO that the lawsuit wasn't about financial outcome, but the awareness it could raise on police brutality,



“At the end of the day if you feel your rights are violated, you have the right to push the issue and go after what you believe,” he told WCCO.