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More with “Pill Head”‘s author Joshua Lyon

[on rehab] I went to rehab in MN and I packed shorts and tee shirts, froze my ass off! I liked the city a lot, we had outings, so I did get a chance to see a bit of the city. It seems a little more progressive than other cities. I wasreally impressed with healthcare. A lot of people [at the rehab] told me they were getting free stints there because they were MN residents. That really shocked me; anybody can apply for recovery program if you’re a state resident. I loved that.


[on his early exit from rehab] Towards the end I had finally really given myself over to the program. I was really getting involved, excited, of course I still had my [contraband] phone, but i was really believing in what was going on. I was in the middle of group therapy and somebody walked in and told me to leave. That was not cool. My fellow residents were really amazing. When you leave you have a graduation ceremony, everyone says nice things about you. They gave up their free periods to do one for me. I relapsed really hard when I got out but was able to pull through.


Because of this Michael Jackson thing, it’s crazy, I have a feeling that "Pill Head" is going to be my life for the next few months. As sad an heartbreaking as it is, it seems to open a lot of doors for people wanting to talk about the subject. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot more over the next few months.

[on Twitter as a marketing device]

It’s not that I was wary. I understood that I could see it was a valuable thing. I thought i didn’t have time to update facebook and the blog, and this was another thing to do on top of that. But I found it’s helpful as a marketing tool. What i didn’t realize is that people, especially if you’re doing it within a book community, people "re-tweet" things you say, that goes out to their group. It does end up being incredibly effective, probably more effective than Facebook i’d venture to say with the number of people you can actually reach.




[on JANE magazine] Jane magazine was an anomaly. I’ll never have an office environment like that again, I’ll never go back to an office. We worked really hard to speak to ourselves.

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