Voices needed in Prospect Park planning

Prospect Park residents should get engaged in plans for the neighborhood next year.


Prospect Park will likely see more devel­opment, and neighborhood leaders need community input to enhance the coming changes.

The Prospect Park East River Road Improve­ment Association and the planning group Pros­pect Park 2020 are holding open meetings next year to discuss their goals for the community with residents.

With the new light-rail line opening soon, the University District neighborhood should keep our community members’ interests in mind as development comes.

We urge University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff living in Prospect Park to add their voices to the discussion.

A University Ambulatory Care Center devel­opment created some controversy last month with Prospect Park residents. Some residents feared the University would attempt to buy them out. However, PPERIA master planning chair Ta­mara Johnson told the Minnesota Daily that the larger issue was the uncertainty.

Though Prospect Park will likely see non-University development with the Green Line, the controversy surrounding the ambulatory center highlights the usefulness of open neighborhood discussion about development.

Prospect Park’s future should be of University community interest because of its distinct stu­dent and long-term resident communities — as well as its proximity to campus housing.

Residents should look for PPERIA and Pros­pect Park 2020 meetings next year.