Local band now local beer

by Grant Tillery

Nooky Jones are no strangers to the sensuous elements of life. The Minneapolis neo-soul powerhouse embodies the sound of seduction, making music designed for nighttime trysts and wining and dining. This Thursday, they brought their talents to the world of beer, debuting their Nooky Nectar at their Beer Release Party at Day Block Brewing.


The beer was a long time coming, and part of Day Block’s Bands That Brew series, according to lead singer Cameron Kinghorn. The idea originated with Day Block’s head brewer, who has featured beers designed by local bands for the past few months.


Since the band was floored by the beer’s original recipe, that they were hesitant to tamper with it.


“It was an American Pale Ale, and it used wild yeast,” Kinghorn said. “It’s some Brittanomyces, some specific strain of it. He said it would give it a citrusy kind of things, some hints of pineapple.”


That said, Nooky Nectar evolved into an IPA, per Kinghorn’s taste. He’s a big fan of Surly Furious (an IPA at heart, though not labeled as such) and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, and aimed to create a beer that inhabits a happy medium between the two. The pineapple and citrus themes made the final cut, but Nooky Nectar is hoppier than what the brewers at Day Block originally came up with.


Despite the event’s alcohol-centric nature, not all of the funky bunch will imbibe Nooky Nectar during the release show.


“I don’t drink much beer,” drummer Reid Kennedy said. “I leave it to the pros. Green tea [is my drink of choice].”


Beside good brews, funky music will be the order of the night. Local DJ and beatmaker extraordinaire Big Cats (Spencer Wirth-Davis) kicks off the night with a set, followed by a Crunchy Kids cameo, followed by the gangsters of love themselves. The first 25 people who show up to the show will receive a “crowler” (a can-growler hybrid) of Nooky Nectar, so they can sip all night on the sweet juices free of charge.


As for the final product, mum’s the word on the taste.


“I’ve heard it’s good,” Kinghorn said. “That’s all I’ve heard so far.”

If you missed the beer release party, you can catch Nooky Jones at the Weisman Art Museum’s annual WAM-O-Rama on Sepetmber 11th. Stay tuned for their debut album, which will drop early next year and feature the smooth, in-the-pocket grooves the band has made their name on.