Response to ‘I do’s in college … already?’

by Nicole Bouley

In response to WednesdayâÄôs letter to the editor in The Minnesota Daily âÄúI doâÄôs in collegeâĦâÄù divorce is a complex social phenomenon. All people and relationships are different, and engagement or marriage in college is not a simple and direct cause to something as complex as divorce. It is now common that individuals will experiment with a dozen people or so, especially in college, before deciding on a partner for marriage. Since people easily move between relationships, it makes it easier to remind oneself that thereâÄôs always someone else out there. When a relationship isnâÄôt working, break up and move on. That common attitude of today I would argue contributes heavily to todayâÄôs high divorce rate. Instead of multiple experiments trying to find somebody who one can tolerate best, I would suggest trying fewer, longer relationships where one actually works with oneâÄôs partner to give the relationship more value. Nicole Bouley University undergraduate student