University professor to be featured on NewsHour segment

by Conor Shine

David Tilman, a University of Minnesota ecology, evolution and behavior professor and internationally recognized expert on biofuels, will be featured in “Iowa: Corn and Climate,” a nine minute news segment set to air Wednesday.

The segment, which was produced by Climate Central, will be shown during “NewHour with Jim Lehrer” on public television.  It will explore the topic of corn ethanol, focusing on the ripple effects of the Renewable Fuel Standards and the effects ethanol is having on the environment and the economy.
“In many respects it’s a story about Iowa and choices that farmers made,” said Heidi Cullen, a senior research scientist at Climate Central.  “But it also has connections to different parts of the world and how decisions made in Iowa can actually impact different parts of the world.”
“Iowa: Corn and Climate” is the second video news segment produced by Climate Central, a group of scientists and journalists focused on translating complex science into information the general public can more easily understand.
Climate Central announced a partnership with the University’s Institute on the Environment and was recently covered in the Minnesota Daily.
After its initial airing Wednesday, “Iowa: Corn and Climate” will also be available on Climate Central’s website.