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Where Life Meets Style: Be mine style

First things first: Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who have written me for style advice. I feel truly awesome being trusted to solve your fashion fiascos. In next week’s column I’ll be answering, so stay tuned! This time, though, I’d like to talk about one of my least favorite times of the year: Valentine’s Day.

It’s not so much the plethora of red and pink as it is the lovey-dovey cards and all my friends going on these super chic dates. For me, I think of V-Day and immediately jump to the “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie calls up that betch and tells her she’s marrying herself, and is registered only at Manolo Blahnik! There’s more to the story, but you get the gist. Never is the day when singles are more reminded of their dating status than tomorrow.

So, I’ve put together date places and ideas I deem the sexiest and totally worth the long waits and big bucks.

St. Anthony Main served as host to two of my first dates. It’s gorgeous year-round, and the atmosphere near the river is truly romantic, with lots of vegetation and brick-adorned streets. If you find yourself in this northeast nicety, go to Kikugawa. It’s one of the tastiest – at a price of course – Japanese restaurants I’ve been to, and the low lighting and décor are truly special. Plus, the waitresses dress in kimono. Anyone who cares about presentation that much gets an A in my date book. Afterward, catch a flick at the St. Anthony Main movie theatre. After-dinner drinks or dessert should be had at Nye’s – my favorite bar in all of the Twin Cities. Ask for Roxanne, and you’ll know why.

On the other end of University Avenue, check out Cupcake in Prospect Park. My favorite cupcake is the Paris Hilton, but they serve more than just those little colorful – and cheap – confections. Grab dinner and then find romance with a walk up to the Witch’s Hat water tower. The view of Minneapolis from this landmark is amazing and enough to make any guy or gal swoon, trust me!

Sometimes I think Uptown is the forgotten date location. I see so many betches smooching and smacking in the suburbs, it’s almost not even funny. I mean really Ö Big Bowl and the AMC Megaplex? No, friend, no. That is not sexy, original or even cute; it’s tired and tacky. Instead, head to Chino Latino or Sushi Tango for dinner. Then, if you’re up for a little nightcap to the tune of delicious, head to Lucia’s for dessert or to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream. All these locales are conveniently located on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown, so bussing is totally an option for money-savers.

But for all of you who want to make it a MAJOR Valentine’s Day and aren’t worried about budget, I recommend Solera in downtown Minneapolis. Try the “tasting menu for two” option for a great culinary experience. Following, head to the Graves 601 Hotel just around the corner. I’ve actually stayed here, and OMGWTF I went bat-sh!t Wino crazy, rivaling her little scream session that was her Grammy’s performance. They have Hermes soap in the bathrooms and huge flat-screen TVs right across from the bed. Basically, it’s the Tiffany’s ring of hotels in the Twin Cities and puts the luxe in deluxe V-Day dates.

Oh how it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? Being a fellow student, I tried to describe places easily accessible in terms of both fundage and fun. Remember, these are just suggestions. If you’re more of a Sally’s and Ben & Jerry’s type of person, then by all means, take that risk, and by risk I mean being single the rest of your life, interested only in the Zac Efron dolls that adorn your bedside stand. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

-Ask Aaron for style advice at [email protected], and you too could appear in “Where Life Meets Style!”

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