Dear Dr. Date,I tr…

Dear Dr. Date,
I try to read your column daily for entertainment, education and fun. I feel you give out sound advice, but I never thought I’d be writing to you. Here’s my situation: I’ve been single for almost two years. I’ve dated since, but nothing has worked out. For about the last year, I’ve given up trying to find someone in Minnesota because I knew I would be moving out of state to attend law school. I figured I would make new friends and meet new people in my new home. Now, with only three months left before I move 800 miles away, I can’t stop thinking about someone I met for just a brief time and under stressful circumstances … my dad’s cardiologist! There I was, my dad in the hospital with a heart condition, and I am taking stock of his attractive and potentially single cardiologist. The funny thing is, I think he was doing the same thing. He would talk to my dad, but make eye contact with me. Until yesterday, I had shrugged it off as a momentary lapse of weakness with some hallucinations mixed in. I went on with my life. However, yesterday, my mom called up and told me that he had asked about me. Was he just making small talk, or was it something else? I am wondering, Dr. Date, whether or not to let this whole incident go or to check into it. Yet, even if I choose the latter, how would I go about checking into it, and would it be worth it since I have such a short time left before my move? I’m really eager to hear what you have to say. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
–Pressed for time

Whenever a person embarks on a major adventure that is drastically different from their normal routine, they tend to do rather strange things right before they leave. Suddenly, people you never thought appealing become appealing. Prior to departure, you become riskier and friskier because you really have nothing to lose. You are, in essence, burning your moral bridges. And that’s just fine. It’s great to shake up your life and expectations every so often. Sometimes people will fall in love right before they leave as a way to sabotage a trip they aren’t feeling so thrilled about.
The odd thing in your case is that I think your mother might be doing the same thing. My mother said to me on the day I left South Dakota for the University, “Are you sure you don’t want to stay here and go to college?” Something tells me your mother might have planted a seed in your ear in hope of stopping you from leaving. This doesn’t mean she lied. This cardiologist could very well be interested in you.
I’d look into this guy, have (honest) fun and leave town.