City approves housing inspection plan

Minneapolis city officials approved final plans Wednesday for rental housing inspection sweeps in the Southeast Como and Marcy-Holmes neighborhoods. The action is in response to the fatal Sept. 20 fire in Dinkytown.

The Public Safety and Regulatory Services Committee unanimously approved the inspection proposal by JoAnn Velde, the city’s deputy director of housing inspections. Each of the city’s 28 housing inspectors will be responsible for 25 houses and will take time from regularly scheduled inspections.

The Minneapolis Fire Department, which has already begun inspections, will be responsible for rental properties with more than four units, such as apartment buildings.

Because of the sweep, inspectors will temporarily neglect 375 other rental license inspections.

Committee Chairman Dan Niziolek said he was concerned about the diverted resources but campus-area rental inspections are too important to postpone.

– Molly Moker