MPD launches anonymous tip program

by Julia Marshall

The Minneapolis Police Department has introduced two new systems allowing people to send in tips through texting or through an app, news sources reported. 

The program allows the tipster and MPD to carry on a conversation with the tipster remaining anonymous. Neither of the methods collect a phone number, IP address, or email address, the Star Tribune reported. 

Users can send in a tip by texting 847 411 (TIP 411) with the word "MPD," followed by a space, and then the tip.

Tip411 is already used in other police departments around the United States. 

The MPD Tip app is free and available for download for Androids and iPhones in Google Play and the App Store, respectively.

A news release by the City of Minneapolis said that tips first go to the Strategic Information Center, which will review the tip and then either respond to the sender or forward the tip to the appropriate unit. 

"When someone feels afraid to come forward, or simply feels like they don't want to get involved – this can be a great way to pass information on," said Deputy Chief Kris Arneson in a news release, as reported by Minneapolis Public Radio.