Terrorists attacks in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai suffered an unimaginable nightmare last week. The people are shaken and the cityâÄôs famous landmarks battered. Sadly, terrorism is not unfamiliar to the city. In 1993, a series of bomb blasts shook the cityâÄôs roots. In 2006, seven bomb blasts ripped through the city trains. It was the local Mumbaikar who suffered, paying the price for walking, working and riding the train back home after a long day at work. Last weekâÄôs terrorism was specifically targeted at locations frequented by Westerners. Famous hotels, a restaurant and a theater, along with a railway station and a hospital, all came under fire. Innocent locals, along with foreigners, suffered from these attacks. Brave policemen lost their lives while defending the people. In terms of economic implications, these attacks will no doubt hit the tourism and foreign investment, which Mumbai has worked so hard to increase in the recent years. Being brought up in Mumbai, it hurts to think of people living and leaving the city with such painful memories. After everything that Mumbai offers, it is hard to understand why the city has to suffer so much, so often. In 1993 and 2006, the middle-class men were targeted. Changes were made to increase the intelligence services, policing and safety, but they were obviously not enough to prevent an attack of this magnitude. Last weekâÄôs attacks have hurt many high-profile Indians and foreigners, and international governments are involved. These figures have powerful voices, and hopefully there will be enough pressure on the Indian government to implement the changes required to make Mumbai more secure. After all, no one deserves to worry about whether they will see their family member again when he or she leaves to go to work or school. At this moment, being outside Mumbai, there is little one can physically do to help. However, we can easily spare a moment of emotion for the families of the victims suffering from the grief. Nearly 200 people were killed in the carnage. Right now, everyone is a citizen of Mumbai. Although it will never be enough to support the families that have lost their loved ones, knowing that they have our emotional support may give them strength to get through these difficult times and carry a city which has always extended its hand to people asking to stand up. Terrorism will not succeed, Mumbai will emerge stronger and rise higher than before as a result of these attacks. Neel Kulkarni University student