The grateful generation

Students have much to give thanks for this Thanksgiving.

by Daily Editorial Board

WeâÄôve all heard âÄî and probably taken part in âÄî some griping about difficult exams and papers at this point in the semester. And in a few weeks, when finals start, the griping will increase tenfold.

Certainly, some of this complaining is warranted âÄî getting a college degree isnâÄôt an easy task, and it shouldnâÄôt be. But over this Thanksgiving weekend, students should reset their perspective on their situations.

The âÄútypicalâÄù college student has it far better than many other groups of college students. Many work significant hours in addition to going to school, sometimes full-time. Other students have to raise children or take care of sick relatives.

Many students also complain about their student loan burdens. While student debt is a major problem, students should also remember how lucky they are to have access to a higher education in the first place. Much of the rest of the world does not have the same opportunity. And after they graduate, students will most likely be significantly better off compared to other Americans, to say nothing of the rest of the world.

Resetting oneâÄôs perspective and giving thanks for what one has doesnâÄôt preclude trying to make things better; it should merely reinforce our appreciation of where we are in life and in the world.

We are college students in the United States. We are truly among the most privileged people on the planet, and we should be grateful for that. The hardships of exams, papers and even paying off student loans pale in comparison. This Thanksgiving, students should remember just how much they have to be thankful for.