InfoU: wealth of tips for you

Along with newfound freedom, college life brings many other issues into students’ lives, such as an ant problem in their new apartment, stained clothes and bad money management.
With that in mind, the University’s Extension Service developed InfoU, a free program offering students advice on nearly 550 topics.
InfoU is a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week free statewide phone service where students can listen to prerecorded advice. They just need the three-digit code for the advice they’re looking for and a touch-tone telephone.
Advice varies from how to deal with ants, spiders or mice at home, how to remove blood and ketchup stains and how to deal with stress.
The information is divided into various sections, such as money management, food safety, parenting, housing, pets, nutrition and health.
For the information, call (612) 624-2200.
Students can find the same information on the Internet by finding the InfoU link at extension’s homepage at
Extension Service plans to begin offering InfoU phone services in Spanish by the fall semester.

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