Seifert deserves GOP gubernatorial endorsement

by Ryan Lyk

The signs are clear. The Republicans need to endorse Marty Seifert, R.âÄìMarshall, as their 2010 gubernatorial candidate. Of the top contenders, Seifert has authored the most bills that have been signed into law. He also has the most co-authored bills signed into law. Furthermore, as minority leader, Seifert had to take on additional responsibility when his deputy resigned. Marty stood up to the task and completed it with excellence. His resume is the strongest of any candidate and his experience shows that he can actually get things done in the capitol, not just get angry and yell at the other party. Emmer has on his website that he won a poll in the pioneer press, but if you look at the poll, Seifert is ahead. Seifert also has won many other polls such as the convention straw poll, Farmington, and the Farmers Union. The best part about it is that he doesnâÄôt need to bring a bunch of supporters to these polls to win. He can connect with the crowd and deliver results. The Republicans need a candidate that has a record of getting things done and a candidate that has a record of attracting numbers. Ryan Lyk University of Minnesota-Duluth undergraduate student