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The ‘it’ styles

>Those who are very close to me know that I’m a big planner. I make lists, try to achieve strict goal deadlines and like to have a set time for arriving at – and leaving – any given location. So when I got the following fashion inquiry from a lovely lady in I.T., I realized I had more in common with those sci-fi follies than I thought. This woman is already planning her summer wardrobe and wrote in for a little advice:

Hi Aaron,
I’m an I.T. girl (you should already be nervous) and I have a dilemma regarding summer clothing. I work in a lab that handles dangerous chemicals and I’ll be doing so full time this summer. My problem is that while I’m working I need to be completely covered: no shorts, no sandals, no gauzy or billowy shirts, no sleeves that dangle or could get in the way, etc. What’s something I could wear to lab that’s still fashionable, but follows my dress code?

Doesn’t want to burn her foot off with H2SO4!

Dear H2SO4,
Seeing as how I have no idea what that is, I’m just going to refer to you as such. When I first saw this acronym I thought it was some sappy abbreviation of a High School Musical sequel, but I’m going to go ahead and say it’s an abbreviation for something much fiercer than any Zacqueisha Efron hip giration!

Let me reiterate that I’m impressed you’re planning ahead; finding and then maintaining style is not easy, but you’re clearly getting a head start. Ku-dos!

I’m not sure, however, you could have picked a worse fashion season to have to ignore, especially this particular summer’s apparel agenda. The gladiator sandal, scaling the calf ala Balenciaga or not, is super chic. So I’m just beside myself you won’t get to wear those. The same goes for billowy, flowy tops. Sheer fabrics are at their most appropriate during the warm months – duh – which is yet another bummer for you.

But I think you should embrace a form-fitting jean and ballet flats. While in Minnesota it’s almost vital for survival to wear shorts during the summer, in bigger cities, it’s frowned upon in the work place and even on the street! So don’t hesitate to try pants, but keep them fitted and not too wide-leg. Try a higher waistline, too. Might I suggest H&M? Not only will they be affordable, but also very flattering.

Don’t try to completely redo your wardrobe in terms of variety of pieces. I suggest sticking with items you enjoy other times of the year, but getting them in brighter, more summery colors. The navy and yellow combination is really on-trend, as is red, especially in the beauty arena. Now, that doesn’t mean you should go dying your hair fire-crotch red with some of those chemicals you’ll be handling. It just means try a sexy lipstick or nail polish; I suggest Chanel Creme Lipstick in Marilyn. You’ll have all those boys at Sally’s thinking you’re the cat’s pajamas with those seductive lips come Wednesday ladies’ night!

Bon chance, and keep me posted on how things fall – not out of the beaker, I hope.

One last thing for everyone: The Voltage 2008: Fashion Amplified show is tonight at First Avenue! Please try to make it. It’s perhaps the freshest fashion event the Twin Cities host. Plus, it’s at First Ave.! Finding the place without all those grubby, Too Much Love hipsters will never be so welcomed. See you there!

-Have your own fashion question? Write me at [email protected], and you too could appear in “Where Life Meets Style!”

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