Telescope contract

I am an alumna of the University and as an apprenticing bricklayer, I helped restore Coffman Union. I have never felt more ashamed to have attended or worked for this pillar of research and learning. The regents’ vote to proceed with an endorsement and investment in the telescope being built on Mount Graham fills me with bile, the bitterness of which I have never before tasted. Even the dissenting votes of Regents Anthony Baraga and Lakeesha Ransom, combined with the condition that the University of Arizona establish a formal grievance procedure with the Apache, will not satisfy the people. Our native brothers and sisters have been trod upon, slandered and completely disregarded, raped, massacred and culturally robbed ever since people, who do not consider the earth we walk upon sacred, came to this continent.

My children will never attend this institution, which has brought shame upon every student, alumni, faculty member and yes, regent. I will make sure to tell anybody who crosses my path who is contemplating whether to attend the University the truth the way I remember it: The University absolutely broke my heart, and it cares not about your concerns – at least not those that don’t have a picture of old, white, dead presidents upon them. When the regents that voted “aye” on the issue of Mount Graham die and stand before whatever creator they believe in, they will have to answer for their votes. Maybe only then will they understand what it is to have something, a place they consider sacred, defiled.

Kim Jackson, University Alumna