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Geothermal breakthrough

Researchers found that Minnesota could use geothermal energy.


Researchers from the University of Minnesota-Duluth have found that Minnesota has plentiful geothermal energy deep beneath the earth’s surface. In a recent report, The Natural Resources Research Institute at UMD and researchers from the University of North Dakota shared that Minnesota has more geothermal heat possibilities than previously thought.

This is an opportunity that our state should take advantage of. Geothermal heating provides an energy source that does not require burning fossil fuels or cause pollution. Geothermal heating requires a deep hole to be drilled miles below the surface of the earth, in which fluid is then run through in order to bring the heat back to the surface. The fluid would then run through a heat exchanger and produce steam for a turbine, which results in electricity.

The report found that some areas in central and western Minnesota are prime locations for geothermal energy harnessing. Those areas would require “shallower, less-expensive drilling,” according to the Duluth News Tribune.

In a time where we constantly pollute and waste energy, using geothermal where available is essential. Any steps that move us away from burning fossil fuels are steps in the right direction — we must break our addiction and move toward clean, renewable and domestic sources of energy. Geothermal heating is a better option than other methods, because geothermal power can be generated all day, all year — unlike solar panels or windmills. Places in Europe and the western area of the U.S. are already taking advantage. Geothermal heating would provide an environmentally friendly and forward-moving approach to energy use.


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