Report: Gophers to play Louisville to open next season in Pitino-Pitino clash … on a military base

by Jace Frederick

Richard Pitino has been asked countless times about a potential matchup between Minnesota and Louisville, which would pit he against his father — Hall of Fame head coach Rick Pitino.

Everytime, Richard Pitino shot it down. Generally, he would say he didn't know, say it wasn't on the table yet, say he doesn't want to compete with his dad.

While at the time the sentiment was nice — avoiding a father-son rivalry — it looks like he might have just been throwing everyone off the scent. The Louisville broadcast station WDRB reported on Tuesday that a potential matchup to kickoff the 2014-15 season is in the works. Who was the station's source? The elder Pitino — I think he's probably pretty credible on this subject.

Just the matchup alone would be intriguing, but there's more. If the plan, as Rick Pitino said, "goes according to Hoyle", the game will be played on a military base, on national television. 

Not a bad way to start the season and generate some fan interest, I suppose.