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From Butch: I am writing in response to Nadafag‘s graceful example of ignorance. You must realize, Nadafag, that you have made a complete fool of yourself in front of all the students, staff and professors — both straight and gay — who read the Daily.
Did you really think that the majority of people on campus, homophobic or not, are into reading overt examples of discrimination? I think not. Furthermore, during the process of making yourself look like a complete ass, you have successfully conveyed to us that you think all queer people are hypersexual individuals. It’s obvious that you believe this myth by going as far as to say that the women who represent you as a tuition-paying student should be watched closely to prevent them from starting to make out or feel each other under the table (supposedly at meetings).
I have news for you: Like most heterosexuals, the romantic love we feel for one another is not exclusively based in our crotches. Above all, Nadafag, your negative commentary cannot explain why you are actually attending a four-year liberal arts university. People here come from diverse backgrounds to study diverse topics. Therefore, your comment relating to queer visibility on campus as sending the message “Hey everyone, we’re gay!” is invalid because, in actuality, the students of a university like this send many messages. For example, many CLA students can say, “Hey everyone, we are proficient in a foreign language!” Have you ever puked when someone walked up to you and spoke Spanish?
If you don’t understand that queer people have just as much right on this campus to express themselves as any other group (obviously you don’t), you are definitely in the wrong place.
In closing, I would like to add that your expressions in Network, no matter how trite and annoying, have not pissed the majority of queer people off per se. You have made us stronger and more able to rationally deal with close-minded people like yourself. Oh, and did you know that the literal translation of “nada” means “nothing” in Spanish and that the English word “fag” literally means “to exhaust”?

From Wood: I’m an instructor in the composition department and a fourth-year Ph.D. student in American studies. I don’t often read the Daily, but I treasure it as one of the last remaining daily student newspapers in the nation. I also appreciate your willingness to create a dialogue in the letters to the editor section, while often pointing out the shortcomings of the university administration and regents.
I’m somewhat surprised, then, with the tone of your recent Network section. The election of Ferguson and Kubista is a ground-breaking event at the U, as was the million-dollar donation to the school to start offering courses in gay and lesbian studies. As you probably know, scholarship on gender and sexuality is the cutting edge in reputable universities today — but your homophobic and insulting jottings perpetuate the reputation of the University as a bunch of suburban white kids whose parents wouldn’t sell the cabin or snowmobile to send them to a real school.
You need to decide if the Daily is going to support intellectual and cultural diversity, or stick with the reporting on spring rush at Gamma Gamma Nu.

From ScoobyD: For all the readers who were bashing the new president- and vice president-elect for being lesbians, I have one thing to say: “I will hold your hand in Hell when you get there.”
Gay/lesbian couples have rights and feelings. Just because we love a soul who happens to be in the same-sex body as our own does not mean that we are stupid and can’t do a good job in whatever we choose to do. I think you need to rethink the way you treat people. Hate breeds hate.

From Evergreen: This message is going out to Meg and Sick of Homophobes. Your hypocritical letters to Network make me absolutely sick. You probably look at yourselves as great open-minded liberals as you stomp on the thoughts and feelings of Nadafag and Yngwie.
These brave souls have the balls to stand up against actions they feel are wrong. They are taking a pro-active stance and acting on what they believe, not simply reacting. Meg and Sick of Homophobes, your reactions required no thought.
All you can do is attack the minds of others — and you call yourselves open-minded? The way it appears you two will not be happy until we all conform to think the same way you do. Is what you want a flock of mindless sheep here at the U? I am not supporting homophobes, but I am trying to point out they do have a right to think that way. Look around — the world is full of nutcases and wackos. They are what make the St. Paul campus fun. I know this whole letter is a little ironic, but as Blacklung would say “Everyone should just mind their own bloody business.”

From The Magic Hat: Ever see something that makes you downright sick? No, I’m not talking about gay kisses — I’m fine with that. Nope, I’m talking about something much worse — Freshman PDAs.
This goes out to the little couple that rides the Campus Connector to St. Paul at about 10:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. Yeah, you know who you are. Thursday you were tickling each other. I’m fine with that too — in fact, I enjoy engaging in such activities. But not on a bus, for Pete’s sake! I mean, with the combo of your oh-so-appealing squeals and the bumps and curves of the road, someone is liable to spill their cookies. Thanks Network — if I didn’t have you to vent to, I might have become disgruntled. Net: And that’s what we’re here to do. We let the campus let off its collective steam. Is it pretty? Seldom. Is it offensive? Sometimes. But it’s honest — and it’s what people think. There. We’re off our soapbox for today. We’ll be back.

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