The new bro code

Arkeo is insured for greeks, but the policies have yet to be written.

by Daily Editorial Board

Four months ago, the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Interfraternity Council began putting together Arkeo, a greeks-policing-greeks system intended to make sure party policies are being followed properly. After some uncertainty, the group recently received the insurance needed to move forward, but still, some are skeptical.
A Nov. 30 Minnesota Daily editorial cautioned, âÄúAt best, Arkeo can be a watchdog that prevents and reports violations. At worst, Arkeo could fall to nepotism, hesitant to report violations of its fellow students and greeks.âÄù
Joe Sandbulte âÄî IFC president as well as a Daily employee âÄî said Arkeo would definitely not turn a blind eye to violations and that members of Arkeo would care more about the image of the greek community as a whole than covering for someone breaking the rules. The policies Arkeo members will be inspecting have yet to be fully defined, and itâÄôs not clear as to when that will exactly happen.
Of course swifter action would be more ideal; however itâÄôs commendable that no assaults have recently occurred. If the current pace means careful thought is being put into the policies that Arkeo will enforce, the delay may be worth it in the long run.
The IFC will ultimately determine each new policy, but Sandbulte said they welcome any and all opinions. So while criticism from nongreeks has been constant, they can now voice their concerns by logging on to and contacting IFC leaders.
The three reported sexual assaults last semester underlined the dire need for an overhaul in the way greek events are run. Arkeo could really do that. Now is the time for everyone to speak up and for the IFC to ensure that its member fraternities are not violating the rules and they take their guestsâÄô safety seriously.