Seinfeld + Arcade Fire

by Thomas Q. Johnson

The minds behind Seinfeld 2000, the misspelled twitter account which imagines Seinfeld plots in current day, released a music video setting the rise and fall of George Costanza’s relationship with Susan Ross. The subtitled drama is set to Arcade Fire’s “Here Comes the Night Time” off of their recent album “Reflektor,” and, lemme tell you, it comes together in a wonderful way.

For readers unfortunate enough to have missed following Seinfeld in the ‘90s, the basic story is that George Costanza — or "Garge," as Seinfeld 2000 likes to say — falls in love and proposes to his girlfriend Susan only to have a change of heart during the engagement. In a classic-Seinfeld deus ex machina moment (I’m sure researchers have a specific term for the Seinfeld version of this), Susan dies from licking poisonous wedding invitations and George is free from his obligation.

It sounds weird, but the video really, really works. Check it out below…


It’s important to note that this is not the first time Arcade Fire has been mixed to a recut drama. Check out the group’s music video to “Afterlife” set to a the 1959 Brazilian film “Black Orpheus.”